Work package 1: Project management

Work package 1 includes the entire project management for the KResCo project. Successful project management is the key to a successful project. It ensures goal-oriented leadership and control of the project. The output of the work package “project management” will be the successful carrying-out of the KResCo project as a whole. This includes facilitating the cooperation between the institutes and work packages, keeping track of the progress of all work packages and the development of the final recommendations for action, while keeping a close eye on the project budget.

Even the project itself is not unaffected by the pandemic. Regular project meetings, the kick-off and all other arrangements have to take place online and in form of video conferences. The Fraunhofer INT is in charge of work package 1. As part of the project management, the Fraunhofer INT works closely will all involved institutes and employees.

work package 2

Research data management

work package 3

Political decisions for the containment of the Corona pandemic

work package 4

Economy and Society

work package 5

International innovation networks

work package 6

Civil protection and security

work package 7

Application-oriented research

work package 8

Recommendations for action